Thomas & Donna


As a contractor of his own company, Thomas is on the job everyday to oversee the work. Overall Remodeling has more than 30 years of experience in Home, Kitchen , Master Bath and Additions. Overall is a small family owned and operated business. Thomas and Donna are the owner, founder and the contractors taking pride in the accomplishment of your desired project or job. Overall Remodeling are highly trained and experienced professionals that deliver quality professional craftsmanship. We have added the design aspect for our clients that don’ quite know what they want. We will go with you to pick out your colors and floors and paint, if needed.

As a highly reputable BBB member, Overall has worked with top designers in DFW area for last 10 years so we are knowledgeable in all new trends and designs. Get in and work fast and get out since it is so hard to live in a house in construction. Always clean up at the end of every day. My crew has been with me 10 years or more. Most of my kitchens and baths are featured in magazines such as Traditional Home, Big D, and Houzz. Great referrals.

Thomas believes his single greatest quality is conducting his business with integrity and full transparency to his clients.  The most common compliment he loves to receive is that he goes the extra mile to please.
Keeping Overall a small business helps him to give that quality of work and attention to detail which sets him above the others.  All of his clients rave on the performance of his crew and the respectful and considerate way they treat homeowners. That is a requirement of all his workers.  Thomas also stays fully engaged with the homeowners, informing them of all phases of the project as they go along.

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